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Online Psychiatrist Florida, Missouri and New Mexico

"Illuminating your path to mental wellness..."

 Psychiatric Care

Welcome to New Sunrise Mental Health, founded in 2021 by Dr. Helia Ibarra-Alos after more than 16 years as a practicing psychiatrist. During this time, Dr. Ibarra earned certifications in geriatric psychiatry and addiction medicine. She also gained valuable experience with online treatment of mental health conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to OCD, ADHD, PTSD and addiction

Dr. Ibarra-Alos is also an experienced online psychiatrist, licensed to practice in the states of Florida, Missouri and New Mexico. After years as an online psychiatrist, she has found telemedicine to be effective, convenient, and efficient in treating a variety of mental health conditions.


Office (In Person) and Telemedicine Visits
Office Address:
950 Peninsula Corporate Circle, Suite 1011Boca Raton, FL 33487

For appointments:
Call / Text: 561-944-0077
* Request An Appointment through the link below:


Why Telemedicine

Why Telemedicine Online Psychiatry

Online Psychiatry

Online Psychiatry

TMS Treatments

Online Prescriptions

Online Prescriptions Psychiatry

Benefits of Online Psychiatry
For patients residing in Missouri, New Mexico, and Florida who are unable to visit our office in person.

  • Convenient - Have you ever postponed a doctor's appointment because you couldn't fit it in your schedule? With your online psychiatrist, a 30-minute appointment truly takes up only 30 minutes of your time -- not hours.​​

  • Private - At New Sunrise Mental Health, sessions are held via HIPAA-compliant software. Each session is secure and never recorded.

  • Accessible - An online psychiatrist is accessible to patients whose disabilities, illness, or age limit their mobility.

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