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Benefits of Online Psychiatry

Online psychiatry patient

In my experience practicing online as a psychiatrist and mental health professional, I have found telemedicine to be:

  • Convenient - Have you ever postponed a doctor's appointment because you couldn't fit it in your schedule? With telemedicine, a 30-minute appointment truly takes up only 30 minutes of your time -- not hours.

  • Effective - ​Numerous studies have shown that telemedine ?? is just as effective as in-person visits with your doctor. Some examples are a study published in   magazine and another published in    review.

  • Efficient - Cut out unproductive driving time: with telemedicine you can spend less time driving to the doctor's office and more time focusing on your health.

  • Private - At New Sunrise Mental Health, sessions are held via HIPAA-compliant software. Each session is secure and never recorded.

  • Accessible - An online psychiatrist is accessible to patients whose disabilities, illness, or age limit their mobility.

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