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How Do Online Prescriptions Work?

Online Prescriptions

How are medications prescribed during a telemedicine appointment?

If Dr. Ibarra-Alos determines that medications should be a part of your treatment plan, she will prescribe such medications electronically.

Where can I fill an electronic prescription?

Electronic prescriptions are submitted to the pharmacy of your choice. Options include an online pharmacy or a traditional pharmacy physically located near you.

How do online prescriptions work

Can controlled substances be prescribed electronically? 

Traditionally, controlled substances could only be prescribed during an in-person doctor's visit. However, an exception was passed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is still in effect to this date. In other words, at this time, controlled substances can be prescribed electronically.

What is a controlled substance? How do I know if my medication is one?

Federal law regulates a number of prescription medications more strictly based on a variety of factors. To find out if a medication is considered a controlled substance, you can check the DEA directory. Dr. Ibarra-Alos will let you know if she is prescribing a controlled substance and any special considerations involved.

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