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Missouri Online Psychiatrist
Kansas City, St. Louis and Beyond

Online Psychiatrist Missouri
Missouri Online Psychiatrist

Dr. Ibarra-Alos is a licensed psychiatrist experienced in treating a wide range of mental health conditions, ranging from depression and anxiety to addiction and OCD. She also completed a fellowship in addiction medicine and one in geriatric psychiatry, for which she holds a board certification. Dr. Ibarra-Alos takes pride in carefully listening to her patients and customizing a treatment plan to promote their healing. She brings over 16 years of experience to her practice.

A veteran practitioner of online psychiatry, Dr. Ibarra-Alos has treated patients throughout the state of Missouri. This includes larger cities such as Kansas City and St. Louis as well as underserved remote areas. Visits can be conducted via secure video conference or over the phone, based on each patient's preferences and needs.


Though surprising to many, lack of access to medical care can be a challenge throughout the United States. For example, according to a US News and World Report article published in 2021, nearly one third (30.4%) of the population in Missouri lives in an area experiencing a shortage of mental health providers.

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