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How Does Online Psychiatry Work?

Online psychiatry patient

It is easy to meet with Dr. Ibarra-Alos for an online psychiatry appointment. Here is how it works:

1. If you are a first-time patient, please fill out our New Patient Request Form and we will email you a custom link to set up your account on our patient portal.

Please note that our new patient appointments last up to 60 minutes, as they include a thorough review of your medical & psychiatric history along with an assessment of your current condition.

2. Once you have logged in to your online psychiatry patient portal account, navigate to Request Appointment from your patient dashboard. Here you will be able to request an appointment for the morning or afternoon of a specific day (for example, "May 21st in the afternoon"). Alternatively, you can send us an email with more a general appointment request (for example, "Mondays after 2pm").

Please note that your online psychiatry patient portal can be accessed both via an internet browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

3. Our office will contact you via email or phone to offer you a specific online psychiatry appointment date or time. Please be sure to click on the link included in the email to confirm your appointment.

4. Prior to your first appointment, be sure to fill out the required forms in the patient portal. To find out more about required forms, click here. Please make sure to set aside enough time to complete all forms, as your online psychiatry appointment cannot take place until this step is done.

5. A few minutes before your online psychiatry appointment, find a private space where you will not be disturbed and where you will have privacy. Make sure to use a reliable device with a working camera and microphone, and a strong, stable connection to the internet. 

6. If prescription medication is part of your treatment, Dr. Ibarra-Alos will ask you during the course of your online psychiatry appointment which pharmacy you wish to use. Either an online pharmacy or a traditional neighborhood can be chosen to fill your online prescription.

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